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Jet Skis

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MapTunerX ECU reflash & Riva Racing aftermarket performance upgrades. The workshop is equipped with diagnostic software & hardware for all brands to analyze problems quickly. We have a Test Tank onsite.

We work on

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Most 2-stroke & all 4-stroke watercraft.
Now offering Launching & Retrieval Service for Lake Mead.

Jet Skis

About Service

A fantastic benefit to summer is breaking out your Jet Ski, WaveRunner, or SeaDoo and enjoying an entire season of lake fun. From visiting your favorite cove on the water to passing on the love of lake life to the next generation, there’s a lot to relish about owning a personal watercraft (PWC).
As much fun as PWC’s can be, properly maintaining them can be tedious and time-consuming. It is imperative to hire a professional and knowledgeable mechanic to service your watercraft. PWC’s need a lot of care and maintenance to continue performing to their best abilities. Mechanically neglected PWC’s can drastically decline performance and potentially shorten the lifespan of the watercraft. At Skiwi Marine, we alleviate the majority of responsibility by providing quality service and simple maintenance education to maximize your riding time on the water. Our 20 plus years of watercraft expertise delivers top-notch results to ensure your PWC stays fast and functional all season long.


What's Next?

  1. Book AppointmentCall or Book Online
  2. FeedbackA representative will contact you via phone or email to confirm your drop-off time.
  3. MeetingMeet with a qualified Skiwi Marine professional to discuss your jet ski needs and check-in your equipment.
  4. PlanReceive a written quote that includes your service plan, any parts needed or to be ordered, and estimated hourly service time.
  5. Beginning of WorkAfter ordered parts are received, service work is completed in a timely manner.
  6. Final InvoiceA final invoice is sent via email, and a pick-up time is scheduled.
  7. SupportUpon arrival at Skiwi Marine, your service tech will review the completed work and answer any questions.
  8. EnjoyGet on the water!


PWC Test Tank

Skiwi Marine is the only location in the Las Vegas metro area equipped with a PWC Test Tank. The Test Tank is a total solution for your watercraft testing needs as it enables our staff to quickly and efficiently address mechanical, electrical, and water intrusion issues. The bunk design of our Test Tank securely holds the PWC, keeping it from jumping and bucking even at high RPM. A PWC tank test incorporated with a longevity evaluation is an essential step in the diagnostics process to assess any performance concerns.

What We Offer

Basic Service

Stage 1

  • Check oil
  • Load test battery, charge if needed, report
  • Check prop, wear ring, intake grate condition, report
  • Look for hull damage, report
  • Check fire extinguisher, report

Stage 2

  • Run engine on hose to warm up 3-4 minutes
  • Check hose clamps & zip ties, look for leaks, report
  • Compression test, report

Stage 3

  • Install new spark plugs if required
  • Remove oil & filter, install new filer & oil
  • Run engine on hose, recheck oil

Stage 4

  • Grease wheel bearings, report
  • Check trailer lights, report
  • Check winch, report
  • Check tire condition & inflate 30-40 psi, report

What We Offer

Carb Rebuild

Remove fuel lines from carbs, check hose condition, test fuel tap, check fuel tank pickup’s are not broken

  • Remove carbs from engine
  • Check Low Speed & High Speed settings
  • Strip Carbs
  • Check correct needles, seats and jets are installed
  • We also inspect all the parts to locate the source of the problem
  • When needed we clean them in our ultra-sonic cleaning tank
  • Rebuild carbs with new kits which include new o-rings, filters, diaphragms, etc
  • Check pop-off pressure
  • Set low speed & high spped screws
  • Install the carbs back on the engine
  • Replace any hoses that a breaking down or damaged
  • Check & adjust the oil injector when needed
  • Add 5 gallons of fresh gas
  • Test run the jet ski on a hose
  • If requested, we will place the PWC in our test tank to simulate load & tune

What We Offer


Basic Winterization for Jet Skis & Jet Boats

What happens if you don't winterize your jet ski or boat?

If you don’t winterize your jet ski or boat, here are the potential risks: Water freezes and expands and can crack your engine block. Water may seep into unprotected spaces and rust engine components. Additionally, acidic and corrosive wastes are likely to cause buildup and potentially cause severe erosion destroying delicate parts in engines.

  • Fuel stabilizer in gas tank
  • Run fuel stabilizer thru engine
  • Change engine oil & filter
  • Inject fogging oil into cylinders
  • Run marine antifreeze thru engine
  • Disconnect the battery
  • Drain all excess water out of bilge
  • Check condition of wear ring & impeller
  • Grease trailer bearings
  • Check trailer lights
  • Check trailer bunks
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Optional: Remove jet pump & service bearings & seals

What We Offer

4-Stroke Engine Rebuild

Jet ski repair shops may charge hefty prices for ongoing Engine failures due to ignorance and/or neglect of engine care by jet ski owners is a common occurrence. Proper repairs, along with preventive maintenance, such as a winterization, are a must for watercraft engines as repairs can be expensive.
Skiwi Marine offers a variety of options for engine rebuilds or motor replacement. With all engine failures, it’s important to find the root cause of the original failure and address the issue before a rebuild or replacement. After a rebuild or motor replacement your watercraft is tank tested to ensure adequate cooling is occurring, any water leaks can be addressed and the engine given some load to insure it’s running correctly.

What We Offer

Battery charge or replacement

The battery is often overlooked as a potential source of problems. When diagnosing watercraft problems it’s important to have a good power source and we always start there. You would be amazed at the number of watercraft problems that are solved simply by replacing the battery. Just for the record, a new battery is not one you “bought last summer”.

What We Offer

Hull Intrusions

Running jet ski’s up on the rocky beaches will cause damage to the gelcoat & fiberglass of your hull. This may eventually cause massive hull delamination. When your watercraft comes in for service we inspect the hull for any damage. We may even Skiwi has its own fiberglass & gelcoat division where we can promptly repair any hull issues. Skiwi Marine is also a preferred repair shop for many insurance companies.

What We Offer

Drain and replace fuel with a complete system check

Gas does not store well and will start to go bad after around 6 weeks. Fuel will break down and separate otherwise. This will cause significant damage to your fuel system. We regularly have to replace fuel pumps that range in price from $650-$1000 and clean tanks that have a black tar lining the inside. It’s time consuming to clean and both conditions could have been easily prevented. If your watercraft will not be being used for some time we recommend filling the tank and adding a 16oz can of Seafoam into the fuel tank.